So what happens when you work with me? I take your request and go back to my graphic design lair, wave a magic wand, sprinkle some glitter, and poof- the project is complete! Not quite.
Good design doesn’t happen in a vacuum, or normally in a lair.
It is  a collaborative process between designer and client, with lots of questions, lots of feedback, and lots of deep thinking about what the end goal of your project is. To try to demystify the process of working with a graphic designer, I’ve outlined the process we’d go through below.


You: Complete the form below, or hit me up on my contact page. Me: Receive your message, dance around with glee, starting thinking of amazing ideas. Realize I need more information- I need to really get to know you. Respond. Generally, I’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days to chat more about your goals (for the project and beyond), your aesthetic and everything that you are looking to have done. Upon nailing down everything your package would contain (do you also need a logo? Assistance with getting something printed? Tell me!) I can provide you with a price estimate for your project and a rough timeline of when things will be done. We’ll set up milestones that we both agree on.


Once we’ve agreed on a price and timeline, it’s time for some paperwork. At this stage, you need to pay the first invoice and sign the contract. Once those two things are complete, I make a folder with your project’s name on it- doesn’t that make you feel special already?


Once we are ready to start on your project, I’ll either shoot you an email or get the project set up in Basecamp (depending on project size/complexity). Our next step is to create a mood-board, either in a collaborative fashion using Pinterest or I’ll whip one up for you solo. We edit, we discuss. We refer back to the goals and aesthetics discussed at contract signature and make sure we are still in line with them, or change them if we need to.


Once the mood-board has been finalized, we get down to work and create something out of all this content! During this time we will go through initial black and white concepts, sketches, wireframes, whatever is appropriate to your project. Once the structure is complete, we move onto color variations. It’s during this stage that we will go back and forth with edits, big and small, always referring back to the goals you’ve established for your business and this project’s place in it.


Once everything in your project is complete,  and the final invoice is paid, you will receive the final deliverable in the format agreed upon in the contract. You will also receive a brand board (if applicable) to help you carry your identity effectively through the rest of your business, as well as any images and fonts used in your project. Every project is different and your process might deviate slightly from the outline above depending on need, time of year or workload.

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